Favorite Snacks

Yogurt Parfait
I am a muncher. I’m usually snacking on something. I probably only prepare a full meal once a day. The rest of the time, I munch on the favorites I come across in the grocery store.

One of them, yogurt parfaits. Some of you may say, “you’re a guy. Why are you eating yogurt anything?” They taste good. Simple as that. An added benefit is, they’re good for you. This particular one is “Four Berry.” Mm. Love love. But this isn’t really something to munch on, so I have to buy something with it.

Go Lean
This is for munching! Toasted Berry Crumble from Kashi. As you can see, it’s also healthy for you. Because I sit at my desk for hours, munching while I’m working, this box which I just brought late last night, is already more than halfway gone. Plus, there’s only 14 oz. or 397 grams of cereal in here. Someone has to complain!

Last, but not least, I have to get something for the ol’ sweet tooth.

Hershey's Dark Chocolate
Up until a few months ago, I rarely ate Dark Chocolate. One day, I read yet another article about how dark chocolate was more healthy than milk chocolate. A piece of dark chocolate a day is healthy for you (says the chocolate lovers:). I decided to take a break from the “milk” chocolate Snickers and brought a (King Size) Hershey’s Dark Chocolate slab. Yes, slab. Of course, I ate way more than a piece a day until I got to the halfway point of finishing it.

Anyway, I’ve been buying the normal size bars since then. I’ll eat most of it, but still save a few pieces for emergency situations (like anytime I want a small taste of dark chocolate). Yum.

In closing, I must say that if you’re a muncher like me, please invest in a vacuum unless you want a carpet full of crumbs.
– ecj

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