It’s important for me to have a smooth workflow, especially when editing photographs. However, over the past few weeks, the reliability of my hardware has diminished. All of my editing is done at the college now because the monitors there give a more accurate view of my work. Of course, this limits the time I can spend editing.

With hardware, for a long time, I have favored Windows (PC) over Mac (Apple). Simply because the user interface is much more familiar to me and the price is, in some cases, significantly lower. The problem has become…every two years or so, my PC laptops begin to slow down, malfunction, and become more vulnerable  to computer viruses. It’s inconvenient to change to a new laptop every two years. The amount of files I have to transfer along with the need to buy a new laptop in this short period of time has become too annoying to bear any longer.

0088411605847_500X500 0088411605847_AV1_500X500

Yep, that’s is my baby. She’s a beauty, isn’t she? A Dell 15z Cappuccino. Pretty rare. They don’t make ’em like this any more. No, really, they’ve been discontinued. 🙂 I brought her from a Mom & Pop’s Store on Ebay. Yes, I know, I said Ebay. I was on a budget. Still am. Brand new, $200 less than anyone else was offering for it. It worked great until…hmm, oh yes, Adobe upgraded PhotoShop to CS6. The previous version worked fine, but when I upgraded to CS6, it pulled too much memory from the system. Plus, I thought this system came with the 2nd Generation i5 Intel Processor instead of the 1st Generation. Yes, there’s a difference.

I decided to expanded the RAM, from 4GB to 8GB, which helps me run CS6. However, the Processor wasn’t made to handle that much RAM. I haven’t broken my laptop, I just need to be cautious. Otherwise, the laptop shuts off on its own. 😦

Anyway, I brought this system in September 2011. It worked great for a year, probably a year and a half. Then, it started a slow decline. I moved all of my photos to external drives. And I’m in the process of finalizing the categories so I’ll have less of a headache transferring the files to two more back-ups just in case my external hard drives crash. Because I’ve been taking photographs since March 2008, I have a lot of images to keep in check. Adobe Bridge is a life saver when it comes to file organization. 🙂

It is time to upgrade since I have enough confidence that owning my own business is going to actually work long-term. I simply need to improve on my level of exposure, which is not simple. I like the computers at the college, they’re all the same:



The Apple iMac has become my new best friend. Unfortunately, I don’t own one, yet. But I would like to add it to my list. Although it’s not portable, it would be great for a Home Office. Still, since I can’t stand being tied down to one location, I’m looking at the laptop instead.


Doesn’t it look spiffy? (Spiffy is a word!) The Apple MacBook Pro. They don’t make the 17-inch system anymore (at least, it’s not featured on their website) so the 15-inch monitor will have to do. I find this size monitor to be a bit small, which is why I’d like the iMac as a second monitor for photo editing. The Retina Display feature is awesome because everything on the monitor is so crisp. Awesome detail and color.

Now, the bad news. The 15-inch MacBook Pro alone starts at $2,000. (I know it says $1,999 on their website, but come on). However, I just found out the spiffy new (thinner) 21.5-inch iMac starts at $1,299; the 27-inch starts at $1,799. Wow! I guess you have to pay extra for mobility. So, what do I want more? Mobility or a larger monitor? Either way, I need two grand and I have to say “good-bye” to my baby and the PC user interface.

On the plus side, I don’t think the Mac system will start to decline after two years. And the other Apple products on my Want List (iPad, iPod Touch) can sync with it. Sweet! I have to confess, the only reason I want an iPad is to have a 3rd monitor strictly for online TV use. Well, I’m usually watching sports online or a movie while I’m editing, which pulls memory and processing power away from my laptop.

Side note, I’m also excited to see the unveiling of the new Mac Pro.



Yep, out with the old desktop design, in with the new. I’ve read that it will start at $2,999 (actually much cheaper than I expected). Yikes. The price for ultra spiffy innovation. I just want to go to the mall to physically look at it. Poke around, see what it can do, though I’ve read all about it on Apple’s website. Even I don’t need anything with the type of performance this thing is packing and I’m greedy about performance! Besides, I haven’t owned a desktop in years. Even a baby one like this, especially with that price tag…do I really need it? No. It would just be cool to look at and say “I have one.” No room for that type of thinking.

Hmmm…I’ll see what I can do from a business standpoint to upgrade my hardware. Then, all of my software is for PCs. I’ll have to change it to Mac. Ugh! As Marvin Martian would say, “Delays, delays!” Ha ha, I love Looney Tunes. 🙂

Eric Christopher Jackson


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