Will I Ever Be?

The Art Institute of California – Orange County
Digital Photography Class

I grew up in South Florida. It was really the only place I’d even known. But, as the New Year of 2009 approached, I made plans to transfer from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (my hometown) to CA., clear across the continental U.S.

Over two thousand miles away from home, I wanted to ask myself the questions I never did, even at the age of 30. I searched my own heart and mind, wondering which direction I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, what my real passions in life were. Unfortunately, I discovered that I only followed what I thought others wanted me to do with my life before then. Which meant I fell shorter than what my aspirations really were.

As my own ideas and concepts began to fill my heart, I wondered if I would ever achieve such lofty goals. My professor gave us free reign to explore the campus and shoot photography at will on this particular day in April 2009. I captured a few of myself as this thought rolled through my mind. I asked myself: “Will I ever be…?”

Will I ever be an artist, a photographer, a screenwriter, a poet? Will I ever be respected in the industry for the work that I love? Will I ever have the confidence to stand in front of the crowds and share all the work I have? Will I ever be free to be comfortable with who I am and not try to be what someone else wants me to be? I have a good feeling that I will. Because, now, not only do I believe in God, I finally believe in me. 😀

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. rjujy says:

    Very well said. By the way, I enjoy your photography too.

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