Short Hike

Short Hike

June 5, 2009

My birthday was two days before. As I get older, birthdays become less of a celebration and more of a time to reflect on my life. Life is what you make it. It becomes a result of the choices you make. My choices haven’t been great, but I understand that each day, I can start fresh. My mentality has to continue to change, though I’ve made progress.

For this particular birthday gift (to myself) I wanted to go on a short hike. I took the bus near Pacific Coast Highway away from the city and closer to nature. After a bit of a walk, I arrived at “Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.” The challenge began. I don’t know how long I was walking, but I took photos along the way.


The bottom of this small mountain was already above sea level. As I continued to walk up the trail, everything on the ground below became smaller and smaller until cars were small “dots” on the highway in the distance. It was incredible. Once I reached the top, I felt that I could check another item off of my bucket list. One of the most memorable moments in my life so far.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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