Over the Holidays

My family surprised me. My sister texted me, saying she and her husband (newlyweds) needed my help with something, but she wouldn’t say what. I packed my things to stay over night. When she arrived, I got in the truck to discover my parents had driven up from Fort Lauderdale to Jacksonville to see us. I was surprised.

I have to clarify, I have two sets of parents because my mom and dad split up when I was about seven and both remarried. The family continued to grow and is still growing. Technically, I only have one biological sibling who has blessed me with two nieces and two nephews. They were born boy, girl, boy, girl, all on a Sunday. I know…

Last month, the second oldest turned 17 years old (she shares a birthday with my mom and my dad’s birthday is four days before theirs). A few days ago, the oldest turned 18 years old and the youngest turned 14 years old five days earlier. Yes…I feel old. The third oldest, he’s 15 years old now, has a birthday four days after mine and two days before his dad’s birthday. There’s no possible way for anyone to plan this out. 😀

Kitchen Rules

I saw this hanging up in the kitchen. I love the message.

Hot Cocoa

My oldest nephew has decided to go into Culinary. He may attend The Art Institute and already excelled in the Summer Workshop held last Summer. We love to eat whatever he cooks and he tries things I wouldn’t when I cook. Since I was there, and it’s Winter Time, I ordered his famous cup of Hot Chocolate. I was influenced to add chocolate syrup. Really. This will keep you up hours past your bedtime. 😀 But who am I to turn down yummy goodness.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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