Joyful Gathering


I have not always had a strong belief in God. It was built up over time. Mainly because I see wisdom and knowledge integrated in the world around me. When I go for walks, anywhere, I have more time to recognize even the smallest things.

These flowers were in bunches. I imagine them coming together to celebrate and give praise to their Creator. The colors attracted me to this image the most. My eyes have the ability to see a millions of colors and the world is bathe in color. I began to wonder “why” at a young age. I have always been fascinated by this fact. I came to the conclusion that this is not a coincidence.

One of my favorite aspects of photography is you can find a flower, no more than an inch in diameter, and print it over three feet wide. I notice details I would have missed otherwise. The shallow depth-of-field helps the viewer focus on one flower while not dismissing the entire group. It all works together. Glorious.

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