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It’s necessary for me to walk, quite a distance, at times, as I travel throughout the day. Yesterday was no exception. The air felt frigid, but I needed to remove my hands from my jacket pockets to take photographs. My professor had already given us various assignments. I was scanning the area looking for potential images I could use, for one assignment in particular, when something else caught my eye.

A group of bushels were swaying in the wind. The sun was positioning itself to settle on the horizon, marking the end of daylight. The sunlight hit the bushels in such a way the warm color illuminated; I had to take a closer look.

All the trees stood tall, covered with leaves, various shades of brown wood. Bushels, light as feathers, dark creme in color, moved wherever the invisible wind took them. The sky, shades of blue, warmer colors of light from the sun, picture perfect. I can take it all in at once..or can I?

Hurried over my camera settings: f/22 aperture for a sharper image, cutting down the bright sunlight and creating the “starburst” effect; ISO 320 so the image is not grainy and allows for a faster shutter speed; the shutter speed at 1/125 of a second, fast enough that I do not need a tripod and to “freeze” the swaying bushels. Composition…the bushel on the left one-third line, the sun coming from behind the trees. Depth-of-field…close enough to the bushel that the background will be blurred (soft) even at a high aperture.

The “moment” you want to capture comes and goes so fast, photographers learn how to process these types of things in a short span of time. You have to be ready when the opportunity appears.

After a while, the camera becomes an extension of your mind..and your heart. Because out of the five images I captured, this one grabbed my heart the most. It evokes emotion, at least, from me. I have gotten used to thinking: if I “feel” this way about a photograph, maybe others will too.

I have to share it to find out.


  1. rjujy says:

    I love the photo. Nice job.

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