EVENT || JAX Auto Show (Sneak Peek)

Dodge Viper
I survived my first major Auto Show in Jacksonville! It was an incredible experience. Yet, I did learn some tough lessons.

First, wear walking shoes. By the time the event was over, I didn’t want to walk out to the sidewalk to head back home.

Second, carry less supplies. Along with my camera, I had my winter coat, tripod bag, and book bag (my lunch inside) during my entire time there. My shoulders were aching, even after a good week of exercise.

Finally, capture more interesting angles in my photographs. The photograph shown here is the best from the day. It’s not at eye-level (as most of the photos were) and it doesn’t show obvious features of the car or the surrounding area. Overall shots are necessary, but I feel like I have too many of them.

This is the 2015 Dodge Viper. (“Feel the power, Krunk.” – “Oh yeah..I can feel it.”) Many of the vehicles were available for the public to sit in, behind the wheel, and take pictures of themselves, family members. Only a few cars were restricted; this was one of them. (No touching). So, from a distance, I saw what I could. Unfortunately, I carried so much stuff I was not able to sit in any of the cars. Next time, I plan on changing this.

I have chosen twenty or so photographs to feature from this event. I wish there were more concept cars present, though hybrids and electric cars were on display from most auto makers. The people were very friendly, careful not to disturb the photographer almost to a fault. Having people in the shots, for the most part, was the goal. It was a thrill to see everyone’s reactions to the vehicles on display.

I would have to say the yellow Chevy Corvette Stingray and the red 2015 Ford Mustang grabbed most of the attention. Men and women stood in line like kids in a candy store to sit in these bad boys. 😀  ECJ

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