My Valentine’s Gift

I didn’t always appreciate the Valentine’s Holiday. It reminded me of the painfully obvious. But, when I saw this little guy in the Hallmark Store a few weeks ago, my heart began to soften. I brought him like a week ago. What to do with him? I could walk back through the mall on Friday and give him to some deserving stranger. I could throw him away, but that is just mean. He could stay on my dresser with that happy-puff smile on his face, but part of me feels a jolt of a depressing feeling with that thought. Hmm, I wonder.

I know! Perhaps, one day, I’ll give him away when my heart falls in love with someone. Look at him, he’s the perfect gift. I even think he’s adorable. Or perhaps I needed a present for myself this Valentine’s Day to remind me that I am special even if there’s no special person to tell me I am. (If that makes any sense).

I guess I am keeping him. Great, now I have another pet. One guys will jeer at me for because logically it makes no sense for me to keep him. But, I don’t know, if when I have a bad day (or holiday) this happy smile cheers me up. I feel like a kid again, when life was so much simpler. ‘Tis life. Finding strength from an unusual avenue.

“Stuck on You”..yes, I suppose love can hurt, sometimes. ๐Ÿ˜€ Wait..what should I name him? “Sticky”? “Skittles”? Maybe. I don’t know. It’ll come to me, I hope. ECJ

Sticky on You


  1. I was told once to make sure you love and accept yourself then love will find you ๐Ÿ˜‰

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