Plaza Tower | Costa Mesa, CA. (NFS)

Plaza Tower | Costa Mesa, CA. (NFS)

As I look back over my life, there are times when I have had to make major changes. I found myself going for long walks and ending up at a fountain. I watched the water springing into the air; I always felt more calm, peaceful. My mind stopped racing and I could think more clearly. At times, I could make and settle on my decision at that moment. Otherwise, I would recognize more options on the table.

Back in 2009, a professor gave us an assignment to professionally photograph architecture. I decided to photograph the “Plaza Tower.” Two large, circular fountains rest in the courtyard. Although the water is still, I enjoyed looking through the reflections on the surface to see the rocks beneath. Same feeling.

News update: I am in the process of making my final additions to my portfolio. It’s time to aggressively submit to magazines, contests, etc. as I prepare to leave college for good at the end of next month. Where will the start of my career take me? I’m nervous, but prepared. With over five years of photographs to sift through, I decided to settle on twelve of the best images for each category. This way, I don’t inundate curators and editors with too many photos to review on my website. Plus, I cut down on the time I have to edit photographs.

I love photographing cars, architecture, and still life the most. With my portraits, they have to tell a visual story. I’m not very interested in fashion/glamour. Once I submit more work, I just have to wait for the responses, which usually take a month. Sometimes, two to three months. I do like to travel, though I feel the nudge to settle down sooner than later.

Of course, there are my screenplays. My research has led me to a great site that teaches writers how to compose the proper query letter. Once my letter is done, I’ll submit it to a decent handful of literary agents. The wait for a response can be even longer than in the photo industry.

I’m not quite sure how well photography and screenwriting careers will fit into my schedule. But I’ve found myself unwilling to give up one for the other. When I need a break from one, I focus on the other. It keeps me going. I just don’t want to overdo it, tire myself out. I’ll see when I get there. ECJ

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