Everything’s Better with Muffins

Nana Muffins

I’ve never cooked anything from scratch before. My sister directed me on where to find the recipe online, which I altered ’cause I’m not putting mayonnaise in my muffins. yuck.

My dad still gives me short lectures from time to time, which basically translates into good advice. Sometimes I listen, other times..well..see, what had happened was.. He wanted me to eat more bananas.

First of all, bananas are not the best tasting fruit in the world. Strawberries, pineapples, and especially seedless grapes are scrumptious. (That reminds me: How do they get the seeds out of some grapes, but leave them in other grapes? Weird much!). I have to eat bananas just before their completely ripe; meaning they have some green color still on them. After a while, they begin to get mushy, there’s black spots on them..no, thank you.

Fortunately, my sister feels the same way. She ran into a pickle as my nieces & nephews do not eat all the bananas before they go passed the “just right” stage. Instead of throwing them out, she makes banana muffins. I love her banana muffins! When I visit her, the entire house is full of muffin-licious goodness. I can smell them from the second floor. By the way, my oldest nephew turned 18 years old last month. Doesn’t that officially make me “old” now? I never get a memo on these things.

Anyway, I kept saying I was going to eat my last two bananas and I didn’t get around to it before they started getting all…with the spots. So, I mushed them down in the flour, melted butter, two eggs, baking powder, a healthy amount (a ton) of sugar (not a ton) and there you have it. Nanas!

Yes, I did offer to share. The rest, I ate ever crumb of them..and I’m still alive. I didn’t even get sick. WooHoo! Now, I have to test out something else to make from scratch. Pizza crust?

Speaking of which: Why is it that..when you buy frozen pizza they have “Remove pizza from Package” and “Cook before Eating” as part of the directions? Who would be that..hmm..I don’t want to say “stupid”..but.. Do we really need someone to tell us this? Yes, I just stick the box in the oven or I gnaw on frozen pizza without thinking to cook it first! Or when you put stuff in the microwave, the directions tell you the contents are going to be hot afterwards. I’d hope so! (..thank you for telling me that, I was wondering what this microwave was for).

Or you order hot coffee (not iced coffee) and on the cup it reads: CAUTION: COFFEE IS HOT!!! Hmm…like the burning sensation you feel in your hand when you’re holding the cup is not enough. And on the rare occasion that I do buy coffee, why am I going to start reading the cup before I drink it?

I’m sorry about all of this! I’m just…afraid lol! I’m very afraid for the mental capacity of the human race if we need these types of directions! 😀

Yes, I am sleepy. And I’ve had a stressful month or so. I need to rest now. I’ve been kinda grouchy. But remember..it’s okay if you have muffins. 😀 ECJ

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