Promo (Rough Draft)

I have been working with two small business for quite a while, but never focused on marketing as consistently as I should have. Then, I looked at my work in general. It needs improvement.

I don’t like marketing because I don’t like the feeling of a lot of strangers staring at me. I wanted to simply work behind the scenes and have the work speak for itself. However, this is not a realistic approach to the type of success I want to have.

On Saturday, I decided to stop procrastinating and photograph a professional photo of myself and some other shots that could possibly be used as marketing teasers for my portfolio. I’m not entirely sure how this will work, but I do have some ideas.

Yesterday, I spent quite some time updating and broadening my product list. My Christian designs, in particular, are being added to products besides apparel.

I have eleven unique designs so far. Two more designs are almost ready. I have to make sure each one looks right on each specific product. Then, hm..create brochures, postcards.. I ordered a new set of business cards yesterday.

I wanted them to be more practical than stylish this time. Simplified the design, enlarged the type, clean. Once they arrive, I will mail off my submissions to magazine editors, gallery curators, and possibly retail stores. I expect them to be here by Monday. So, I have until then to finish uploading all the Christian designs to all the products. First impressions are everything, so I have to take my time, make sure everything looks great.

I think this is the fourth night in a row that I’ve been awake passed 4am. My sleep pattern is thrown off. I have to take a decent nap, finish my work, then I can shut it down tonight. I can’t wait to see everything when it’s finished. I’m drowsy excited. 😀

I put the brown bag away. No covering my head as I climb the steps to the stage. No tape over my mouth. No avoiding the crowd. Dismissing the silence. They will hear me roar. ECJ

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