Dark Abstraction || Interior

Dark Abstraction

I have been focused on honing my skills on how to present my work. I could not wait until tomorrow to share this with you. I felt like the images in my recent posts were not connected enough. Now, I have my name, an image of the canvas, and the work in an interior, all in the same layout.

Could it be better? Probably. But with the amount of work I have to do, I cannot get caught up too much on one aspect of my goals.

I am taking the rest of the night off. I am. Really. No, I’m not kidding. With fresh eyes, I’ll be able to focus on my projects better tomorrow. I need a break. I’ve been looking at Excel spreadsheets and images for days. Excel helps a lot. It keeps my inventory organized, but I had to improve the organization of the inventory on the spreadsheet, first.

News update. My business cards arrived yesterday afternoon. They look awesome. I order my material from Smart Levels, based in Irvine, California. When I lived in the same county as them, I would just go pick them up. Since I am ordering from the East Coast these days, the shipping charges almost cost as much as the cards do. 😀 (FedEx, we still love you). But their quality, for the price, is still the best I’ve found.

I have butterflies in my stomach because it’s time to send my resume, samples, and business cards to the professionals in hopes of being awarded assignments. I have a few freelance assignments on a recurring basis. But I do need more (many more) clients as I travel deeper into the wonderful world of repaying college loans.

Finally, I am trying to devise a way to offer a free digital copy of my books for a limited time as a .mobi file. As far as my research has shown me, these types of files can be opened on a Kindle. And if you don’t have a Kindle (like myself), you can download the Kindle APP for your Mac or PC to access the book.

I’m already thinking of a promotional banner for the “event.” It has to be something really eye-catching and easy to share with others.

Hmmm. I always think better with ice cream..and a movie. Yes! Football games, as well. I’ve been amassing a collection of NFL and College games listed on iTunes for quite some time. The season is over. A guy has to live. To live! I hope everyone’s weekend was superb.

Reaching for Dreams,

Eric Christopher Jackson

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