Costa Mesa, CA.

I thought I lost this image. When I first edited this, it was in 2009 using Lightroom. Once the file was moved, the connection with Lightroom was broken. Hence, the edits were gone. I didn’t know what I did to get the image to look like this because I simply tried a bunch of different features. I tried to re-make it for several months afterwards, but nothing came out right.

A few weeks ago, I started over with the RAW file in Adobe Camera RAW just to satisfy my frustration and curiosity. I still had a jpeg copy of the edited original and “finally” got the file to look similar to what I had before.

But now, I understand color temperature, exposure, clarity, tint, etc. much better than I did back then. I cleaned up some of the highlights and the ghosting that I didn’t notice happened on the old file. New, improved, and bigger than ever. 24 x 36 inches opposed to 16 x 24.

I just hope that jolt of sunlight isn’t blinding. I like it so much though, I have to keep it.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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