Next Move

Update. I am now officially out of college. I moved the last of my things yesterday. Now what? The job market in my profession has been slow the passed two years since I’ve moved to Jacksonville, especially for the freelance work I want to do. So, I’m preparing to get rid of most of my things in order to travel “light” as I venture out-of-state.

A former classmate/roommate of mine has moved from California to Nevada. If all the pieces fall together correctly, I will move out there in hopes of finding a better market for my career goals. I’ve only been through Las Vegas twice, meaning I don’t quite know what I’m getting into. A two-hour bus ride from the new place would put me downtown. But I’ve never been one to get into gambling or clubs or casinos. It’s just not my bag, baby.

Hence, I’m thinking I’ll stay on the outskirts where..well, it’s dirt, cactus, and mountains. lol. Las Vegas can clearly be seen in the distance at night, it’s like a giant spotlight on the horizon..surrounded by dirt and cactus. It’s weird.

On the plus side, Vegas is only a four-hour drive from Los Angeles. And since one of my two goals is to become a screenwriter, being this close to L.A. is ideal. Only an hour trip by plane. I still have some contacts So. Cal. It makes sense. But California is too expensive for me to just move there and Los Angeles isn’t my cup of tea anyway.

Hmm. I like “quiet” areas. Not out in the middle of nowhere, but…I want a yard. An actual yard..with grass and trees and my neighbor doesn’t live three feet from me. You know? I like mountains and nature..a river would be nice. But when I want to go to the mall, I don’t want to have to drive fifty miles just to get there.

Oh yeah, I am house-sitting this week. I drove my nieces and nephews to Gainesville (Spring Break) and my sister & her husband (Newlyweds) are out of town. (It’s Classified lol). So, the house is empty..and I’ll be here until I pack my things all over again to move..again.

This house makes funny noises, sometimes. The foundation on the 2nd floor creaks in spots. Wild rabbits are running around the yard in the late hours of the night. What have they been eating? I’ve never seen rabbits so big.

My sister said I’d enjoy the quiet though, which I do. I’m weird like that. Sometimes, I leave the TV on just to have something make noise. But I have trouble going to sleep at a decent hour. I work on projects instead. I’m not a vampire (stop it) I just…I seem to be more focused at this time in the morning.

Problem is, my alarm is going to go off in less than three hours and I haven’t gone to bed yet.ECJ


  1. Better go to bed, Eric. Best of luck to you! 🙂

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