Newport Beach, CA.
January 31, 2009

These birds are very fast. I’ve never seen them fly. Only sprint across the sand to avoid large waves crashing onto the beach.

Most of my attempts to capture them clearly in a photo did not work out. However, I was able to find three birds, aligned quite well, to stay still long enough for me to compose a shot.

These moments come and go so fast, a photographer has to learn to see a shot coming to a certain degree. Work it out in your mind to how things will look at a point you haven’t arrived at yet.

But this is still difficult to do. For the most part, being there is the greatest obstacle. Sunrise is early in the morning. The trip out there takes some time as well. Some days it’s cloudy, some it’s clear. You just have to be there. You never know what can happen, what you’ll see, what moments will pass by.

Since I’m a night owl, opposed to a morning person, day break is usuall tough for me. But I gladly take on the challenge when I feel like the opportunity to capture something great is on the horizon.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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