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A healthy portion of my day was spent building an online presence for one of my niece’s. Although she is on the shy side (like her uncle), I annoyed her enough that she let me photograph a few pieces of her work. Of course, she only does it as a hobby. She’ll be a senior in high school this Fall, so I’ve taken the liberty of creating nine profiles for two of the sketches that photographed correctly.

Untitled Woman
Available for Purchase on ImageKind

She explained to me that she found four different portraits as references to create this one portrait. She liked the hair in one, the nose in another, while adding her own interpretations in the rest of the sketch. (Nice. Nice). Naturally, I’m excited. She’s improved from a sketch she drew last year that I have from her.

I’m not sure if this will remain a hobby or not. She loves to read, going through large books like a hot knife through butter. (Her mother’s genes). I’m not sure what she wants to major in as college approaches. Either way, hobby or career, I feel obligated to encourage her to recognize this as a gift and use it to its full potential. She agreed on the name “Ashleyf,” the logo is her signature (she likes it).

Untitled_Woman Canvas

And yes, it is an odd season for me. Two nieces, two nephews. The oldest, he has already turned 18 years old and is ready to graduate in June. The second oldest, (again) she’ll be a senior in H.S. this fall. The third oldest, he will be a sophomore in high school this Fall. The youngest, she will be a freshman in high school this Fall. I can’t help but think: Where did the time go?

Eric Christopher Jackson

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