8 Hours

I’ve been out of Florida for a while. At least a few hours. I have to say, Savannah, Georgia is pretty nice, better than Downtown Atlanta to me. Heading to Jackson, Mississippi (no relation). My name is pretty common, especially my last name. I’ve heard all the jokes and taunts growing up from kids in school. Heard ’em all. These days, I just think it’s funny and places like Jacksonville, FL. and Jackson, MS. owe me money. Yes. I want my 15 percent! 😀

Where am I now? Still going through Georgia, right. Tonight, I should make it to Texas..or something It takes a while to get through Texas, it’s just a big…big…really big state. I mean, it takes up a huge chunk of the continent. By the time I get out of Texas, I think my trip will almost be over.

I missed my chance to get something to eat. Now I have to wait a while, but I’m coming down with a serious case of the munchies. Not eating junk food during a long road trip is difficult because off ramps usually lead to gas stations, fast food spots, and such. And I wasn’t able to compile my own delicate palette before I left 8 hours ago.

I’m not really into bananas, but grapes are good. Strawberries. Pineapples, can’t forget those. I do not care too much for red apples, but I do like Granny Smith Apples. They’re the best. Carrots and broccoli…and cauliflower (not bad). Anyway, all these things keep my immune system up because the weather can change dramatically from one state to the next.

Northern Florida was warmer. It’s VERY cool in Georgia from some reason. I’m not sure about Mississippi, I just want something decent to eat when I get there.

My scripture for the trip, I wrote it down on an index card to keep in my jacket pocket. Psalm 32:8. It makes me feel better, less anxious. I’m not frantic, though I can’t completely shake the butterflies in my stomach.

I actually like traveling, even with the lugging my stuff long distances hoping none of it gets broken along the way. I like to see how other people live. Some things are the same…like trees. Miles and miles of trees. And then more trees, good gracious! But then, cow..horse…more cows, chickens, more horses. Wait, the mall, car dealerships, movie theaters. And back to trees again.

I’d better go. I saw a mountain! I haven’t seen a mountain in over two years. I simple love mountains. But why? If I really think about it, it’s only a huge hunk of dirt and rock with a bit of grass on it. But every time I see one, I feel the urge to climb to the top. YAY! I feel great! Logically, it makes no sense to me. But I can’t deny the happy/happy, joy/joy feeling I get. Like seeing fountains. Yep, fountains, too.

It’s settled then. I have to settle down with mountains as the backdrop to my house and put an elaborate fountain in my front yard. (Yeah, that won’t be expensive).

Now, to find that non-junk-food place.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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