A Walk

I am a bit worn out from the passed few days. The time change is a factor as well. However, I did sign the lease with my roommate and have found a potential day job well within walking distance at the same bookstore company I applied to back in Florida. There, they didn’t need any more help. Here, they had a “Help Wanted” sign on the door. I plan on turning in my application later today.

I also feel like I’m dreaming. Everything happened so fast. I was so busy packing and planning, hoping and wondering that I really didn’t think about what I was doing until it was done. Now that it’s Saturday, my mind is starting to slow down. I realize: Wow, I moved on the other side of the continent again. If I wasn’t so groggy, I’d probably react in some unpredictable way.

I have taken a walk in a couple of different directions since…(how long have I been here?) Thursday. Yes! I arrived downtown. Casinos. Lots of casinos. Lights everywhere. There are slot machines in 7-Eleven for crying out loud. As I dragged my luggage down the sidewalk I thought to myself: Lord, what have I done?

Still, I took two buses to the address I’d written down days prior. By the time I reached my destination, the scenery had changed dramatically. No more casinos or clubs. It was normal, everyday stores, a fancy golf course, and kids going to school. People seemed very nice.

It was hot Thursday afternoon. I was blessed with a steady breeze and little to no humidity. Once I put up most of my luggage, I walked back to the sidewalk. There’s a road that goes over the interstate. I took a few photos from there to get a decent view of the area.

Mountains. Awesomeness mountains stretch across a good portion of the horizon. I’m not sure how far back they go, but I walked a little further yesterday, I could see there are more than I thought. Hmm, they look close, but those things are far away.

If my sense of direction isn’t off, a large canyon goes through the area. I want to have a closer look-see. I’ll have to set a day aside to go exploring. If I travel far enough, I’ll run into a Ski Resort. Yikes. That’s what it says on Google Maps.

I’d better go to sleep. Back home, it’s 7am; here, it’s 4am. My body thinks it’s okay to wake up now..No, not quite. Plus, I have to get used to calling this place “home” it feels like I’m on vacation or something. Life.

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Good Luck in your new home Eric 🙂

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