A good portion of the day was spent trying my hand at photographing this interior. After some trial and error, I realized my guess was right. I like ambient light absent of tungsten or florescent lighting. It does make it a challenge when trying to photograph a room where very little ambient light is available. However, I got the best results from it.

Correctly lighting a room makes it more pleasing to the eye. I often look at low-budget films and feel many scenes can use better lighting. I want to practice this in the days ahead, but getting permission to photograph more elaborate settings may be difficult.

I was permitted to photograph my own apartment today, but no where else, not even a vacant unit. My roommate had left for the day, so I cleaned and cleared out as much as I could to get samples of the types of shots I want to show potential clients.

I’m much too tired to finish editing what I captured, but it will be on the agenda tomorrow. For now, I’ll share a self-portrait. The lighting came out the best in this shot. Besides the fact that I have to fix the slanted walls, everything looks okay in the room.

Truth be told, my heart and mind has never been so much at peace. My dad alluded to it as we spoke on the phone last night. Can’t explain why. I have the same problems and even more challenges than I did in Florida. But now, for some odd reason, I’m no longer on the edge of panic.

I see my goals more clearly. I see the steps I need to take much easier. Certain ways to build up my gallery have come to mind. I guess I have more ideas in general. I haven’t been here a week yet and I feel so different.

Plus, I told Charlotte some weeks back that I love wood floors. Look at this! Wood…floors. At the entrance, kitchen, dining room, and in the bathroom. Love, love! There’s also a decent fireplace! I have to show you that later. I LOVE fireplaces!

When I walked into this apartment I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, I’m staying.” I know. I need a bed, though the air mattress is fine. My roommate’s parents came by on Sunday, gave me some blankets and “the best pillow ever.” I didn’t know things would turn out like they have.

I’m looking forward to sharing more artwork with everyone tomorrow.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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  1. I’m happy you’re feeling at home. I fixed a big low cost unframed mirror to my kitchen wall because it was dark and seemed enclosed and it throws back the light well šŸ™‚

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