Down Time

There are times when I get overwhelmed mentally and emotionally. I have to take a break from thinking: “I’ve got to do…” something. I need to laugh. I need to take life less seriously for a moment. Enter Looney Tunes. I found a two-episode pack on iTunes that I wanted to watch.

The first is Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears.
three bears
Yes, even at a young age (still wearing a diaper), Baby Bear is bigger than both his parents. As you can see, Papa Bear has a temper. Every time Baby Bear says something..uhh..not-so-smart, Papa Bear hits him over the head. You can’t help but think: No wonder Baby Bear is a little, you know, because his dad is knocking all the sense out of him. Literally.

Moving on. Bugs Bunny challenges Yosemite Sam.
dont fall
The funniest thing to me is when Yosemite enters the Saloon. He’s so short he walks underneath the doors. This screenshot is shortly after Sam threatens Bugs to dance, which Bugs does. Somehow, Bugs turns the tables getting Sam to dance…ending his performance exiting stage right. Umm…falling down a Mine Shaft. I DON’T KNOW how the tables were turned so quickly, but I crack-up laughing every time I see it. Focus, man. FOCUS. πŸ™‚

Payback. Yosemite Sam and his horse chases Bugs Bunny on his horse. Bugs goes through a tunnel; Yosemite Sam follows. Bugs exits the tunnel and quickly builds a brick wall…(yeah) before Sam exits. What happens…?
Smack. Yosemite Sam and his cute, but angry, baby horse, uhh, “meet” the brick wall. YES. I paused it right when he hit it! I am a mean, mean person for thinking this is so funny. But it is.

It doesn’t end there for Yosemite Sam. It gets worse. πŸ™‚ But I will spare him the added embarrassment.

Anyway, this is one of the avenues I use to relieve stress. These cartoons were made decades ago by many animators and storytellers that have unfortunately passed on. 😦 Yet, they still serve their purpose…to make completely stressed-out, exhausted people laugh. Mission accomplished. If only my work could do the same, lift the spirits of others. Then, I’ll feel accomplished as well.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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