Thank you all so much for your support. My first blog was posted on July 12, 2013. As the 1-Year Anniversary approaches, I find myself refining the brand. I’m giving it a more specific direction, as seen in the last three blog posts.

I am attempting to make a transition from the work being strictly “online” to making it available in retail stores. Of course, the latter involves more paperwork and obstacles to overcome.
However, I’ve noticed that the last three posts have been “Shared” and “Re-blogged” on social media more than the dozens of posts before them.

Therefore, I plan to create a collection of twenty-five images in the same vein. I’m not sure which subjects will be featured. As the next couple of weeks go by, the concepts will come a little at a time.

Ultimately, I hope to build a larger audience with a healthy level of excitement and anticipation about what messages may be featured in stores. Since my brand is new to the public, I have to create promos that will link the brand to these messages as I send them out.

I look forward to seeing how the finished products will look and witnessing people’s responses.

God bless you all.

Eric Christopher Jackson


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