A Pond

Photograph taken at Jacksonville Zoo in Northern Florida.

I hope everyone had an awesome Memorial Day! šŸ™‚ It is great to remember those who served and sacrificed in the military. For us, in the U.S., still here, we have to make sure their sacrifice was worth it. Specifically by not wasting time, talent, and resources on too many meaningless things. With that, I will get off of my soapbox.

Perhaps, a second version of A Pond will be created with text or a scripture that highlights a thought about this scene. For now, the color, lighting, and shadows hold my attention.

In other news, I anticipate high temperatures for the next three months. It’s getting really hot as we approach the summer. Time: 3:37am. Temperature: 85 degrees. I have to come up with extra funds because my roommate and I are running the A/C more often which, of course, is raising the cost of our electricity.

Thursday will be 7 weeks since I’ve been here. It rained for about 5 minutes a couple of weeks ago. That’s it. Zero inches of rain. Today’s high is supposed to be 104 degrees. If you also live in this type of heat, you can try what I did yesterday afternoon if you haven’t before.

I put a heavy blanket over the sliding glass door and another across the bottom of the door in our living room. It kept out a portion of the direct sunlight so it wasn’t unbearable in here. My roommate commented that his room was much hotter than in here, so I’ll cover his window as well this afternoon.

I know. When company comes over, it looks a bit bizarre. But I’m not that worried about appearances, we’re trying not to get cooked here. šŸ™‚ Besides, it seems to work like a charm and this heat is probably gonna last ’til the beginning of September. What’ll probably happen is certain entertainment expenses will be put aside so we can run the air condition a bit more. But that won’t last. I like movies, he likes video games too much.

Well, that means I have more work to do.

Take care all.

Eric Christopher Jackson


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