Cover Concept

I’ve been working on this project sporadically throughout the week. The first edition of this book was okay. Yet, it lacked the vibrant colors that popped off the page. Self-publishing this project was a challenge, but I had full control over how the content was presented.

As the two-year anniversary since its release approaches, I wanted to look back at this project and make improvements where I could.

The dimensions for the first edition were too small. The artwork seemed confined, not given enough space to breathe. Next, the pages were too delicate. Since I’m targeting such a young demographic, the pages need to be sturdy, like in “Beginner Books” for toddlers. Finally, I decided that I need a traditional publisher, ultimately, to have a better chance of giving my work better exposure. Meaning I have to pitch my idea to several literary agents and hope for the best.

It’s a time consuming process, but by year’s end, can become a great success.

What’s new? I doubled the size in width of the book. Illustrations that spread across two pages now make up one. I also added text, to help tell the story, which was absent from the first edition. Beyond this, I made sure that the style and layout of the book are more consistent with the rest of my portfolio. The font has changed, more use of white space, easier for me to plan out how to market the character.

Before I submit my query letters, I have to finish the back cover. It’s almost completed, but I’m too tired to edit the rest of the text needed for the story description. But I do like the direction the composition is going in.

I have settled on a front cover (for tonight). Once I look at it tomorrow, with fresh eyes, I’ll be able to confirm that it’s ready. I might shrink the entire design down a tad, to give more breathing space around the edges. (shrug) I’ll see.

Chompy Goes to School Cover Concept

Well, there you have it. If this style works, the illustrations for the next book will be…bigger than this one in size…all about little kids learning the various colors. I’d like to work on numbers as well. While I wait for responses on one project, I can start working on the next.

Now, Pillow, couch, a bit of Gran Turismo 5 and Raspberry Snapple before sleep. Ahh, that’s what I call relaxation. Until I’m losing a race in the video game and stress trying to win. Hmm, oh well. ’tis life. Good night. šŸ™‚

Eric Christopher Jackson

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