“Hate?” is supposed to shine a light on how Christianity is introduced and discussed from a unique perspective. Absent from the discussion is love. There seems to be little to no love shown for the person who does not believe in Christ.

I think, too often, it turns into a debate, an argument over who’s right and who’s wrong. There’s a bit of pride that’s awarded to the victor.

Too many people wear signs that read: “God hates” this, “God hates” that. Too many carry this attitude into the discussion. Too often, it turns into physical violence or bullying or mistreating someone emotionally.

Yet, the heart of the message, and why Jesus showed up in the first place, is love. So, instead of having a growing reputation for condemning people, Christians should have a growing reputation for loving people.

It took time for me for figure out how to explain all of this in a simple, visual way. After discussions with several college classmates a few years ago, the first draft of this idea was presented as one of my final projects. The work was well-received.

Yesterday, I decided to go back to the idea, revise the font, and find a scripture that fits what I want to say. Hence, this presentation ends with Matthew 22:39.

The statement and the scripture are complete opposites, which helps others understand the message I’m trying to convey.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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