Happy Father’s Day

My dad has a knack for calling me when I need to talk about something, but I don’t call anyone because I don’t want to talk about it. So, he calls me and talks about a myriad of things until we get around to the subject. Even then, I don’t say much very often, but he says something that strikes a cord in my mind later. Later could be a few hours, a few days, even a few weeks. I think to myself: “Oh, that’s what he meant.”

Of course, this can be tough on him because he isn’t always sure if I heard him or not. Yet, he calls anyway. I felt bad about this, so when he called last week, I made an extra effort to be better company. He wanted to check on me (mind you, I just turned 36). There have been a couple of high profile shootings in the area. (Gun violence is a norm, welcome to the U.S.) In one instance, two police officers were targeted while eating lunch at a Wal-Mart. They were killed. 😦

It’s a major news story back in my hometown, which amazes me. Over 2,400 miles away. But it was a bold move, daytime, large retail store, police officers. No shame. And I shop at Wal-Mart quite a bit, though this wasn’t the same branch. I did my best to downplay it. Besides, no matter where you live, you can’t hide from death. It just shows up without invitation. You can only live each day with a greater appreciation for the time you have. 😦

GradDay: June 17, 2011

GradDay: June 17, 2011

My dad flew to California for the first time to see me graduate. It was awesome. And funny because so many people said we look alike.

I’ll finished by saying, Dad, thank you for putting up with me.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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