I’m reminded of the Film Noir style I briefly learned about in Cinematography class. It’s important to look for lighting that can evoke a certain mood so the audience will know what’s going on without dialogue (or text).

This individual feels alone, isolated. Yet, he finds this place comforting. I use scenes like this to describe personal feelings or emotions others can relate to during a certain period of life. I only need more locations like this to photograph, more concepts to test.

When I first began studying digital photography in CA., my professor would tease me because I often used “myself” as the model for my work. But I had already discovered this was the best avenue for me. I had trouble communicating to other models the exact mood I was going for. Plus, I’m awfully shy around strangers. The best photographers break through the personal space of a stranger. For me, I like my space and they can keep theirs. Though I wonder if I should practice on filtering out this rule.

Sometimes, I had no real plan. Instead, I’d stumble upon an idea and go from there. It was easier to manage my own time and energy during a shoot, but more difficult to compose particular shots as both the model and photographer. Still, I learned to persevere in my own space because I felt I could capture good moments like this.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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