A Day at the Zoo

I’ve always been fascinated about animals, nature, how the world works, how we interpret beauty, etc. My Ecological Science class went to the Jacksonville Zoo. My teacher, Professor Beck, was interested in knowing how the animals behave in a confined environment. Since I had gone to this zoo on a previous trip of my own, I didn’t feel the need to capture a series of photographs again.

This time I used my camera to record as much as I could. I don’t have professional video editing software, so I made basic edits in Windows Movie Maker. I love my camera. It can capture video in full 1080p High-Definition. Glorious. 🙂 As you probably know, the YouTube video settings can be adjusted. 720p works fine, especially for a modest internet connection, but 1080p is available.

The video is almost 15 minutes long, though I cut out quite a bit of footage. I took the city bus to the Zoo. It dropped me off as close as it could get before I walked the rest of the way. Here’s an outline of my travels to let you know what’s included.

00:10 – Jacksonville Zoo Entrance

00:18 – The Aviary (for birds and ducks)

01:00 – Cheetah (at the 1-minute mark, I find a Cheetah alongside a tree)

01:28 – Rhinoceros (two. covered in armor?)

01:51 – Overview of the landscape

02:11 – To the Snakes

04:17 – Elephants

05:00 – Pacing Bird (my level of concern raised)

06:10 – Bats (this is comfortable? doesn’t the blood rush to their heads?)

06:22 – The Vultures (why are their wings outstretched?)

06:56 – The Zebra (I realize how well an animal’s vision is)

07:57 – Fly by & Noise (These birds are loud)

08:40 – African Birds (very cool attire)

09:05 – Pumba, no Timon (did not like the camera, hid from me after a while)

10:09 – African (forgot the official name, the second one startled me lol!)

10:39 – The Amur Leopard (has two cubs. became more concerned by her pacing)

12:26 – The Giraffes (a young one, also not fond of the camera, ran away, scene edited out)

12:51 – The Flamingos (the most beautiful color of birds to me, graceful movements as well)

13:20 – The Kangaroos (my deepest concern, they NEED a MUCH larger living space)

14:27 – Jacksonville Zoo Entrance/Exit

Some of the animals seem fine in captivity, some of them seem confined. At the very least, all the animals should have males/females in the group. The Amur Leopard does not have an adult counterpart and she seemed to need one the most. I did see her cubs at one time, they’re like little kids running around and wrestling.

All of them need most space, especially compared to where they’d normally live. I do love seeing all these animals, it’s just a bad feeling in my gut that I want them to be happy, too.

Eric Christopher Jackson


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