ALLURE presented by RAW:Las Vegas

ALLURE presented by RAW:Las Vegas

June 25th, the Showcase Director for RAW Artists contacted me about being a part of the next event in Las Vegas through the gallery business page on Facebook. I had never heard of them before. They hold events in over 60 locations including New Zealand and Australia. They want to expand soon to London and Tokyo. However, they were not in the previous city where I lived.

Again, my reasoning for moving to Las Vegas a few months ago was if there was an art scene here, it would be lively. In Northern Florida, it was okay, but the opportunities for me were lacking. I decided to take my chances. Showcase Directors scout for talent in their vicinity. I ended up moving to a location where they look. As I change all my information from Florida to Nevada, I hope more people/organizations find me. It hasn’t been three months yet, though it feels like I’ve been here a lot longer.

I submitted my information and portfolio samples last week along with having a phone interview this morning. I was accepted into the show and am one of the Featured Artists on the Las Vegas Branch. (Excited!)

I do have to sell twenty tickets at fifteen dollars each for the event. Tickets can still be purchased through my RAW profile even if one is unable to attend.

Photos of the event will be available on Flickr soon after it’s over; I’ll include the link at that time. There’s also a short interview conducted with the staff that I’m looking forward to. It’ll be my first. I’m told the crowd will be quite large with 500+ attendees. We take a walk-through in a 2-3 weeks to get a feel for the area and see where we set up. I’ve been apart of small gallery exhibits over the years, but nothing like this. I have some planning to do.

Take care and Thank You for your support.

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Tweet this poster and I’ll retweet it, good luck, if I was closer I’d come along to support you ๐Ÿ™‚

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