Friday Dance

It is another beautiful Friday to reflect back on the week that came and went like a blur. The theme for the week was obvious in my own life. From messages by Joyce Meyer to a speech I watched by Sandra Bullock to K-Love Radio sending me scriptures in emails each morning, it was all the same. “Don’t Worry.”

I have been worrying because certain life issues are on the edge of overwhelming. But my anxiety only keeps me awake at night, it does nothing to solve the problems. This fact sunk in late last night and I fell asleep at (for me) a decent hour to wake up this morning two hours before my alarm was set to go off. Btw, is your alarm just as annoying as mine? šŸ™‚

All I could hear in my mind was a song by Celine Dion, “A New Day Has Come.” I was ready to go to work with little patience to fix breakfast. I ended up with a cinnamon-raisin bagel and peach tea.


It’s my second try at “peach” tea. I thought I wouldn’t like it, but it’s actually pretty good. Yes, that is a large Tigger mug. šŸ™‚ I brought that December 2008, right before I permanently moved away from my hometown in South Florida. It’s basically a souvenir. A lot of travel miles on it, too.

The rest of my day will focus on organizing quite a few things and submitting my work to publications. Tomorrow is the 1-year anniversary of this particular blog. The name was changed to fit the rest of my brand. I have to take inventory of my progress and how I want to legitimize my work from here.

Have a Creative Day! šŸ˜€

Eric Christopher Jackson

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