Year One




Happy One-Year Anniversary WordPress. I believe it was a year ago, today, that I closed my previous blog and opened a new one. I wasn’t sure if my Followers would follow me, but I was certain that my work would to grow.

A New Beginning.
My goal was to build and maintain an audience. From July to December 2012, my views were consistent, yet the number of visitors was low. A turning point came in January 2014, when the site nearly had more visitors than the previous four months combined. There were also nearly as mainly views in January 2014 than the time between July-December 2013. However, February-May 2014 the visitors and views went back to normal, maintaining my previous numbers.

The Present.
As June 2013 came to a close, I made a conscientious effort to introduce my work beyond WordPress more than ever before. Registering the gallery as an official business on search engines and posting work to new online venues created the biggest increase in new visitors to date. I also continued to improve and add new artwork to the current online venues.

Included in this was giving the Gallery its own Twitter account. There is a new and improved Flickr account. My posts were finally recognized by Google. They approved an account specifically for the Gallery on Google+. As mentioned previously, the Gallery’s page on Facebook was recognized by RAW Artists: Las Vegas. This led to the opportunity of me becoming one of the Featured Artists in next month’s Art Event in Downtown Las Vegas. Beyond that, I have begun establishing an audience on the websites for JPG Magazine and Your Shot by National Geographic.

The Future.
The goal moving towards July 2015 is to “Live Out Loud.” Enter competitions. Submit to publications. Introduce my work to the local town’s folk, etc. I have been looking over the competition for the past few hours. This is a challenge because there are SO MANY great photographers. I feel like a needle in an enormous stack of needles. What makes my work different from everyone else? I will lean on the concept, the visual story that is told, and how it’s presented to set me apart from the masses.

In the midst of this, I’m still writing poetry and short stories. Creative writing is a welcomed getaway from photography when I need it. The goal is the same: “Live Out Loud.” I am eagerly awaiting the script consultation results from Rain Fire Films based in Glasgow. They read and respond to short scripts under 20 pages free of charge just because they’re “nice like that.”

The story I’m working on is currently entitled, “She Knew Who I Was.” Most of my work is Christian-themed, so this is my attempt to break out of that mold. I like the idea. The heart of the story is similar to the rest of my work. I don’t know if I want to re-format it into a short script or not. I’ll think about it after editing.

I try not to think too much about all of this. I have to take one day at a time. Gaining exposure takes time. Writing a great story takes a whole lot of time. Improving in any craft takes time. The one thing that never stops, we need more of, and don’t seem to have enough of all too often: Time.

So, I have days when I’m frustrated, “This is taking too long!” But when a dream is enormous, you can’t conquer it in a day or even a year. You have to take a little section at a time…consistently. “Please, try to enjoy the process,” I tell myself. Be happy. Smile. Sing. Laugh. Cry. Watch a movie. Play a video game or two. Back to work. Take a break. Back to work again. It’s ongoing. It’s relentless! But it’s also rewarding. Most importantly, it fulfills the reason why I’m alive. Much better than the alternative. Living is more than simply breathing. I want to live.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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