Beams of Light


© 2014 Eric Christopher Jackson

I have a particular joy in transporting the viewer into what seems to be an alternate dimension of Earth. Meaning, I take something that we see everyday and try to present in a way that a person may question what it is they’re looking at. Or, at the very least, enhance the scene so it looks better than it would in reality.

This photograph is more of an enhancement. Can you tell what it is? 🙂

After a while, certain parts of life can become boring because we’ve seen it a thousand times. I was walking home Monday night and needed to go underneath an interstate overpass. I noticed the roof, how the beams were angled, the auburn color of the lights. I figured with a little touching up it could be a good art piece.

In actuality, this bridge needs work. A good scrub could suffice. But if you darken the shadows, slightly increase the highlights, and boost the clarity to enhance the detail…I like it. 🙂 I like the texture of the concrete, the color tone, how the shot is composed overall. It’s kind of mysterious. Slightly abstract. It has “personality.”

Since I haven’t shown a new piece of art in a while, I forgot how nervous I get when it’s unveiled to the public for the first time. All of these photos are like my babies. I wonder if I chose the best variation of this shot. I wonder if people will see it as art. I guess, at the end of the day, if I honestly think it’s good, then I’ll be comfortable putting my name on it.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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