Sliding glass. Blinds. A door. Sunlight openings. No rhyme. No reason. Curiosity. Natural light. Eleven clicks. Shutter speed. I found…belief in me.

This Series was completely unexpected. I was trying to capture one perfect shot to update one of my profile photos on social media. I figured out of the eleven photos I took, I would find the perfect one.

When I began editing a few of my favorites, it led me to edit more. I liked the look, the mood that was building, so I figured “why not?” I edited them all pretty much the same. Next thing I knew, the visual story began to build and is still expanding in my mind.

The subject is about facing yourself, your responsibilities, your calling, your destiny. You do have a choice, to reject it, accept it, run from it, or not believe in it at all. So many of these thoughts suddenly flooded my mind and all eleven photographs made sense. I took them in the correct order, not having to rearrange any of them to fit my story concept.

I am truly amazed and humbled before God. No tripod. No plan. No assistant. Just holding my camera and taking the best guess I could on how the composition would look. It’s like being an actor in a movie you’re directing.

But the visual story is here. This is a message, not only for myself, but for others who find themselves in a similar situation or having a similar attitude. I hope others can see what I see and follow it.

My main concern for this series of portraits was the lighting. I enjoy black & white films like “Casablanca” in part because of how lights and deep shadows were used to create a mood or enhance a scene. I hope to have a contemporary artistic feel of the techniques in my own work.

Perhaps I’ll wake up later this morning and dislike the entire idea. Tell myself that I should have rested before making the final decision. For now, love it. Keep it. Display it. 🙂

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Eden says:

    Very cool shadows.

  2. […] Fourth Place goes to “Series: Sliding Glass.” Woot! (whatever that means). Similar black and white photography style as “Dark […]

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