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From time to time, I like to share personal stories or memories in order for you guys to know something about me you wouldn’t have otherwise. Today, I dive a bit into sports.

Although I grew up in South Florida, none of my favorite sports teams were in the state of Florida. Quite the contrary. So much so, I couldn’t stand some of the teams in Florida. In professional American Football, my family loved the San Francisco 49ers. In college football, I took a liking to the Michigan Wolverines. In professional basketball, we rooted for the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan is still my favorite player of all-time. Since he retired, I haven’t really had another favorite team since, only certain players from different teams.

Near the end of 2004, I decided to write Michael Jordan a letter. About a month and a half later, I received a letter from his company in the mail (the photo above). I was ecstatic. I just looked at the envelop for a while. Of course, I carefully opened it and read the letter. Then, I found this:

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His Executive Assistant sent me an autographed photo of the last shot he took as a Chicago Bull. 1998 NBA Finals, Game 6, against the Utah Jazz. He nailed a 17-foot jump shot. The Bulls won the game by one point and won their sixth NBA Championship. The second 3-peat in the dynasty. Awesome.

I don’t even remember what I wrote in that letter, it was so long ago. I’ve kept the letter and photo over nine years now. This prompted me to write another letter in May 2014. This time, I wrote a short fictional story that compares Michael Jordan and LeBron James entitled, “The Second Torch.” I also mailed this story to the Chicago Tribune, my favorite show on ESPN, and the Miami Herald (since LeBron was still a part of the Heat at that time).

Although my favorite TV show on ESPN gave me hints that they read my story as I listened to their dialogue soon after they received it, they never directly mentioned it. Only certain topics they discussed circled around it. I also did not get a response back from the newspapers. However, I did get a letter in the mail almost two weeks ago…

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I was happy, but not as giddy as I was almost a decade ago. I carefully cut off the side of the envelop so I wouldn’t tear it and read the short response..

_MG_6768 NG

They received my story on May 30, 2014. This letter was written on July 11, 2014. Leslie Jones is still his Executive Assistant. Jordan’s company is no longer in Chicago, but on the East Coast. I didn’t know if the address I found online was correct. This way, I know it is. They didn’t tell me if they liked the story or not, but I appreciate the time she took to respond to me.

As for the story, I’ll have to post it here sooner or later to see how readers respond to it. I always get nervous with presenting my work, but what good is a story with no one to read it.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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