The Ring Please

0069 Presentation

Since I’m still awake, I decided to share what else I do besides artwork. Usually, in the daytime, I work on any assignments I have like this. Basic photo editing (retouching). The client sends me photographs, I do the best that I can to fix them. I try not to get too heavy with PhotoShop. Many requests lean towards asking me to put two people in the same photo, even when they don’t know each other. Weird. I decline those assignments.

I need more samples of what I can do, so I started working on this yesterday. I tend to photograph and edit objects or still life better than people I don’t know. I’ve ran across quite a few clients looking for editors of jewelry, so I wanted to see what I could do with this ring.

The original photograph sent to me is in the upper left hand corner. Often times, the client wants the background transparent, white, or black. I decided to take it a step forward by intertwining two rings from a single one. I would like to have my own photography studio lights eventually to take my own images. For now, this is good practice for me.

Wow…I’m more awake now than I was when I started typing, so that didn’t work. 🙂 I’d better lay down (look at the ceiling) until I dose off. Another day ahead of me.

God bless.


  1. It’s amazing how the black background makes the ring stand out, I like the intertwining picture too.

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