By the Ocean




I needed a change. Something different. To be someone different. So, I decided to move West, see a different part of the world. I imagined what it would look like, but nothing compares to reality.

Cold. The Pacific Ocean is very cold. Everyone knows this. But when I put my hand on the surface of the water, it was like ICE. Back home, the Atlantic Ocean was warm, low to mid-70s…hence, the hurricanes.

Often times, it rained…thunderstorms…the usual South Florida weather. Here, not a drop from the sky for months. It was bizarre.

Ah, my shoes. I miss those sneakers…sort of. You see, way back when, I told myself I’d never spend $100 for a pair of sneakers. Well…as a going-away present, I brought my first pair of Michael Jordan shoes. North Carolina blue on the edges…black suede in the center. I loved those shoes. Except…they were defective. I mean, they squeaked ever so loudly when I walked. I couldn’t take them back to the store because I brought them back on the East Coast just before I left. Ugh…it was bad. I had to buy another pair of sneakers at a normal price because they annoyed me so much. I guess these things can happen when I break my own rule.

Speaking of blue, that is what’s so glorious about the Pacific Ocean at this spot. Deep blue color. I’m used to ocean water being sea-green. Pretty, sparkling blue. Wow.

Well, that’s a glimpse into my trip to Newport Beach, CA. that morning. Man, over five years have gone by…in a blink. The camera…one of the best inventions ever. 🙂

Eric Christopher Jackson

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