Red Sky

© 2008 Eric Christopher Jackson | Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Note: Photographed with a Canon Rebel XTi during my beginning days as a student photographer. A polarizer filter was used over the lens to enhance the color of the sky. Strangely enough, the sky became deep red during editing.

I tried to duplicate this effect in more photos several times in the following days and never could. Only the set of photos from this particular day change to a deep red. I decided to choose the one with the best composition and give it the obvious title. It’s still one of the best scenes I’ve ever taken and one of the most liked by people I share it with. I hope you all agree.

Since I have a better understanding on how to edit RAW files these days, I went back to re-edit this scene. I also was able to increase the dimensions to 24 x 36 inches opposed to the original 8 x 12 inches during RAW Conversion. Red Sky has already been added to the new-look website. The website itself is more than 90% completed with all of the writing and images added. (Whew).

Now…it’s time to update the Vimeo, YouTube pages among other details. I’m getting there…

Eric Christopher Jackson

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