Over the Street

It has been a while since my last in-depth update on general progress. I have moved to a new residence, albeit close by the previous one. Packing, moving, unpacking, getting settled. Whew. Strangely enough, the new place had been vacated for at least two weeks. During this time, I can only assume it was attacked by dust bunnies. Lots of them. My allergies went crazy for a few days until I cleaned the place enough to get rid of the excess dust. The last step was to change the air filter in the air conditioning unit. Yes! 🙂 That did it. I can breathe again.

Before I left the previous residence, I took some photos. Rain clouds came through that week. Brooding. The sun rests behind the mountain range as the city’s lights began to turn on. You don’t have a good view of the city’s depth in this scene from the landscape, but the clouds stretching across the sky make up for it.

Today, I recorded my first set of videos to help introduce myself personally to everyone. I had so many concerns about how I would present it, I never recorded anything last week. So, today, I decided to just grab my camera and do it. No real heavy planning, simply sit down and get used to talking on camera.

The videos will be pretty short I imagine. Since I don’t have the proper video editing software, I had to simplify my initial idea. It’s still an interview type setting I suppose. But it’s much more informal than I first planned it out to be. I thought I’d be more comfortable if I didn’t make too big of a deal out of it. I should be up to begin editing this evening. I’ll leave it up to you on how these clips came out.

Speaking of videos, the Gallery’s YouTube page is ready. All the video clips I mentioned will be uploaded here.

August 25th, sometime after midnight, I posted how important that week would be in terms of finding out if my goals would become reality. I went to sleep…kid you not…I wake up in the morning, check my email, a group of folks in Canada have an idea for a screenplay that they want me to consider writing for them. We had a video conference on Skype. They seem really nice. I know. This is a long process. Still, I’ll probably get to go to Canada for the first time along the way if all the terms are agreed to in writing. Pictures! I’ll have to take pictures. 🙂

The excitement of this moment wore off as the whole good news, bad news deal surfaced in my life.  Little over a week later, I got a phone call from a man in Southern CA. interested in purchasing a few pieces of my artwork. I learned so much in terms of what needed to be added to my website to make it more user friendly. Plus…how he responded to some of my work gave me the extra boost in confidence I needed. He’s looking for work to gift to someone else. Awesome. The entire conversation fueled me to keep going.

I’m also wrapping up a freelance project for a client in Sweden. Since the time gap is so large, communication has been a bit tedious. I’ve also learned from this experience. Oh my goodness, I’ve entered a lot of data sitting at my computer. When I take my lunch, I stand up the entire time because I get tired of sitting down. I’m thankful to God for letting me talk to them all.

After my second stint at college, I felt like I’d only freelance for a little while until something permanent came in. Nope. It’s only been freelancing and really difficult to do anything else. So…consequently I’ve gotten used to being…uhh…self-employed. Well…which is what I wanted all along, but I didn’t think it would happen right now. I didn’t think I was quite ready for it. Now, it looks like I have no choice. Grand. Still, the internet has made the world smaller, that’s for sure. Good thing, too. My passport is ready and so is my camera. haha. 🙂

Eric Christopher Jackson

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