Time to go Mobile.

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I spent quite a bit time editing and publishing the “Mobile” view of the gallery towards the end of last week. I noticed that on mobile devices (phones, iPads, etc.) the website’s layout and interface were extremely out of place. Very difficult to navigate. As you can see by the image on the left, the content fits to the device much better. 🙂

Some host sites (like WordPress) have templates available that are already built to adjust to various devices being used. Wix sites are not designed this way. Hence, you have to manually adjust every element on every webpage to fit within a mobile layout. I was annoyed…but I’m over it. 🙂

The “Slideshow” at the top of the mobile view is smaller than I like, but I don’t have a better layout concept at the moment. I do not have any mobile devices myself. If you do, please check out the website on your mobile device at:

I’m sharing this news with others in the event that something in the Mobile View is off or a link is broken, I can fix it.

I also needed to update my Author Page to the extent that a new website was created to speed up the process. I am happy with both websites. They mirror each other. The Mobile View is ready for this site as well:

What else? I submitted a feature-length script to Quixotic Films last Thursday. I’m not familiar with the usual response time of screenplays. In any case, I have to wait. Overall, my new stories have to have less (if any) special effects needed because of the limited budget available. Especially since I’m new to the film industry, I have to focus more on character development, story concept, and less on action sequences.

The majority of my leads are still coming through InkTip right now. I get a chance to see what types of stories are in demand. I think we’re finally off of the “Zombie Apocalypse” kick. Yes. It might be over! And we don’t need yet another version of “The Hunger Games.”

My biggest challenge is picking a time slot to focus on writing. I write best at night (after midnight) but I also need enough sleep to wake up on time in the morning. Now…which of my stories will I tackle first? Flip a coin? It works for Harvey Dent. 🙂

Eric Christopher Jackson

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