Coming Soon: There’s a Frame for That

BayPhoto is one of the most respected professional photography labs in the business. Which is why I chose them to be the place to turn to when customers want to order prints directly from me instead of an online distributor.

Part of the process is becoming familiar with their inventory, prices, shipping policies, and turn-a-round times for printing various items. I felt overwhelmed at first, but after focusing in on one section at a time, it’s quite simple to follow.

The next step is adding pertinent information to the gallery’s website. I’m still hammering down how the page layouts will look. Right now, individual webpages are being made for Frames and Mats.

Frames Banner
Yes, I had to stop whining and just add 38 images for frames and 12 images for mattes. I also have banners of sorts for both of them. Prices have to be added for all items at various print sizes meaning I’ll be spending more time with my friend, Microsoft Excel, to organize this information.

There are four different sets of frames:
Basic Wood
Basic Wood Banner

Metal Frames Banner

Rustic & Modern
Rustic & Modern Banner

Gallery Series
Gallery Series Banner
The website will feature the dimensions for each style of frame:
35 Black Scoop Wood Frame
This will make it easier for visitors to see what they’re buying before making the purchase. Again, building the webpages for Frames and Mats is one of the projects for this week. I will talk a little more about Mats later. For now, this is a preview of things to come. I think having this product information available online will add another level of professionalism to the gallery.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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