09.28.2014 Update


Hello and a Happy Sunday! to you.

This past week has been busy on the blog, as you’ve seen. I have already set up a full slate of writing throughout the week. Scheduling blogs days before they post has been a huge help.

With today’s blog on the X-Men story, we are passed the halfway point. During this process, I’ve had time to read over quite a bit of the adventure. I realize there are improvements that can be made, certain details can be explained more clearly, etc. However, I also feel this is a never-ending process. Ultimately, a writer has to release the story some time. Do the best you can and let it go.

As far as the story’s content, it is intense from this point on. Past readers have commented that the beginning is a bit slow. The pacing can be improved. However, when the story does pick up, it’s full throttle for quite some time. I used a large sketch book to list characters, plot points, where everyone was supposed to be and when. A chore.

It’s funny now, but near the end of writing the story, I realized that I forgot to include “Jubilee” through most of the second and third Act. I had to scramble through everything, move scenes around…oh my goodness. But, she made it.

Even though I have introduced quite a few original characters within the script, I’m not able to turn this into a graphic novel without Marvel’s approval, of course. I did approach their Talent Department years ago. I would need to attend a Comic-Con event, preferably in San Diego, to present the story to them in person. I haven’t able to take the trip to attend the event. So, after all this time, I feel a little better that “someone” will be able to read it. If nothing else, it is the first example I have to show my style of storytelling.

Dialogue. Action sequences. Important messages embedded within the script. It’s all there. It’s a start. Since X-Men, I’ve written a few more feature-length screenplays, all original. Nothing 199 pages long, that’s for sure. One page usually equals a minute of screen time, so this screenplay would be a little over three hours long. lol. A tad much. πŸ™‚

To the next subject. My freelance work in photography has slowed dramatically. From a “commercial” standpoint, the competition is winning, I will put it that way. More responses are coming from the art world and I feel more inspired to take my photography further in that direction. However, it’s financially more difficult to go in this direction. I need capital.

With this in mind, I began to look for opportunities as a creative writer and an editor, proofreading others’ work. Many potential clients want to see examples of my work. As I gathered my writing together, the collection was more than I realized. That’s when it dawned on me that “maybe” I should shift my attention from commercial photography to writing/editing full-time.

Honestly, it was a tough decision. A couple of nights, I had a hard time falling asleep. By Friday, I eased myself, my mind, into a new direction. I feel better now. Let the photos be artistic; let the writing/editing be the main goal. I feel lighter…like a huge weight is off my shoulders, but I can’t explain why. This is just the way it’s supposed to be.

Now, I’ve applied for some positions. One, especially, I got an initial response the next day. I freaked out, though I’m not sure if I’m qualified enough for the position. My degree is in Graphic Design…I’m really a photographer…certainly an artist… Anyway, I sent my first poetry book to someone and I may have an opportunity for exposure there. Their initial response was also positive. But I’m not telling anyone anything specific unless I get solid confirmations. I have to wait and see.

A former classmate messaged me on Facebook yesterday. He is in the Special Effects side of the film industry. We were roommates for a while during art school, but he already had a Degree from Germany, where he’s originally from. Yet another person that nudges me into Screenwriting. He has worked on a Clint Eastwood film, also with some of the crew on “2012.” I haven’t asked him what he’s been working on lately. I’m told he’s in New York for a while now…he was in Japan because…well, the work is there.

I’m rambling. My point is, when I have questions about what I should do at certain times in my life, people start showing up out of the blue and/or something happens that says, “Go this way.” I feel like that’s happening now. But I want to be sure I can really…realistically be a screenwriter and I’m not simply daydreaming or in fantasy land.

It’s settled then? Speak to all my contacts and see what I can do? What if I fail? Hmm…what if I succeed? ……I’m ready to go in, Coach! I’m ready. πŸ™‚

Eric Christopher Jackson

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