Dry Land

© 2014 Eric Christopher Jackson

Photography taken in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I find that my style is changing ever so slightly as I continue to look at works by other artists. Usually, my work is edgy, deeper shadows, higher contrast. Lately, I have tried to soften the overall look in a few of the pieces. Sometimes, it works; other times, I revert to my old ways. I simply go by feel, what looks right to me.

What is interesting to me about this photograph is before I moved to Las Vegas, I only had the perception of endless casinos in view everywhere I went. There “are” a ton of casinos around, especially downtown. Yet, the further away you go from the inner city, the more all the bright lights fade into mountains, valleys, and dry ground. We are surrounded by mountain ranges.


On this particular day, back in May, I assisted a photographer in shooting a wedding. Once it was over, I took some photos for my personal collection. The sun was too intense at this time of day for many of them to expose the way I wanted. A couple of them came out pretty well. Eventually, I will venture out on my own to see how many landscape photographs I can capture like this. For now, I’m going through my 2013 and 2014 folders to find any “jewels” I have forgotten about.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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