Crowded Rubble

© 2014 Eric Christopher Jackson

I had one idea in mind when I began to edit this. The entire scene is of rocks; I like the color of them. I thought I was going to do a black & white, color mixture, but it didn’t grab my attention. Instead, the edges are darkened and gradually showing the rocks until the light is most intense in the center.

Now, the picture doesn’t look flat. It has more personality. Somehow, I have an emotional reaction by viewing it. The goal is always to draw the viewer in by telling a story through the image…even if it is just a photograph of rocks I spotted on the ground and the story itself is fictional, at best.

Inevitably, my imagination took over. I’m reminded of a crowd, not of people, but of something inanimate. Yet, they have life. They breathe. They have emotions. They struggle to exist together, fighting for their own individuality. Fighting for a space of their own.

Hmm. Or…maybe the story goes the other way. They all exist in harmony. Each rock glad for the company. All realizing they belong to make up the entire picture like a puzzle.

Perhaps, it’s left to the viewer to decide. What do you think? Now that I look at it, they all fit together beautifully.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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