NFL Week 7 Match-Ups

YES. I grew up watching football. My dad, my mom, my sister, (I was about five years old) we rooted for the San Francisco 49ers. Jerry Rice. Joe Montana. Roger Craig. Ronnie Lott. Dwight Clark. John Taylor. Doesn’t ring a bell? Okay. I guess everyone didn’t watch football.

Alrighty then. Week 7 in the National Football League. Who are you rooting for? Who do you think will win in these match-ups? Which can be two different picks. Sometimes, I don’t think the team I want to win will actually win. Finally. How well do you pick the winners? Well, here are the games for tomorrow:
I live near the West Coast, so the 1:00pm start time is 10:00am here. I’m used to that part, but the 9am pre-game show is 6am here. No. Skip.

My NFL Week 7 Picks. The team I’m rooting for is in Bold. It may be different from (the team I think will win). 🙂
Falcons at Ravens (Ravens win)
Titans at Washington (Titans win)
Seahawks at Rams (Seahawks win)
Browns at Jaguars (Browns win)
Bengals at Colts (Colts win)
Vikings at Bills
Dolphins at Bears
Saints at Lions (Saints win)
Panthers at Packers (Packers win)
Chiefs at Chargers
Giants at Cowboys (Cowboys win)
49ers at Broncos (Broncos win)
Texans at Steelers (Steelers win)

I’ll see how well I chose the games tomorrow night. 🙂

Eric Christopher Jackson

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