Invitation to The Forex Invansion | Milano, Italy


Good news. Bad news? Good news. I was contacted by Melissa Colangelo earlier this month inviting me to be a part of The Forex Invasion November 12-26, 2014 in Milan, Italy sponsored by ArtMeet. Not-so-good news. I can’t afford the gallery fee at this time. It’s not terribly expensive, but it is out of my reach.

To be honest, I am so upset, naturally, on missing such an opportunity. Though, I am hopeful that I will be able to submit a piece next summer to Art Expo 2015 Milano. It just feels like an eternity away compared to next month. 😦 I’m happy that my work was noticed by someone in this part of the world. I never thought of having my work seen in Italy before. So close, so far away.

I did have a great meeting yesterday. The Marketing Analysis will take about a week to complete. Ultimately, it will help me improve the effectiveness of my website hosting, the layout, SEO, etc. Huuhhmmm. I’m frustrated. I pouted already. I ate the rest of my Moose Tracks ice cream right out of the carton. My head is throbbing…

I can’t think about this anymore. I have to go to sleep and start rolling again when I wake up. Eat breakfast, (preferably pancakes, turkey bacon, & scrambled eggs) have my tea… I’m usually better after my tea in the mornings.

Eric Christopher Jackson



  1. So many artists have to self fund to be seen, have you looked at pledge sites?

    • Hi! I haven’t done well on sites like those so far. Not enough people know about me and my work at this point. With that in mind, I’m working with a Marketing Analyst this week to help me improve in this area. If more people know about my work, my message, then it’ll be easier for me to rally support when needed.

      Take care.

      • Its so hard dreaming up ideas for fundraising, great idea speaking to an analyst. Do you ever hire a craft stall at an arts and craft market? Or dont they have them. At this time of year my friend takes her cards and rents a stall just for one day. She has her higher cost hearts, butterfly and cardboard letters that she has made and pictures shes made in frames but makes up lots of cards to sell at a couple of pounds to make sure she covers the cost of the stall for the day.
        I interviewed my friend last weekend about fundraising to put on plays, shes an actress im hoping to get enough time to type it up for tomorrow.

  2. Hi Charlotte,

    My response was lengthy (lol). I just emailed it to you.

  3. Matteo says:

    Artexpo2015 Milano was a great success! Also for the Forex Invasion project. Try to take part in the next edition.

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