Give a Wave?

_MG_6489 NG
The color of her hair caught my attention. It is a rare occasion when I try to photograph a subject without deviating from reality.

_MG_6517 NG
It was a long ride to this area of Las Vegas, Nevada. When we arrived, it was a pleasant sight to behold. I wanted to capture a sense of space, comparing the people with the grand expanse of the area.

_MG_6518 NG
Were they warming up to me? Did I finally get a wave for the camera? Almost. 🙂

It’s more enjoyable for me to take photographs without asking those involved to pose. It comes across more natural as I look for the right moment to compose and photograph someone.

When you don’t schedule a break for yourself, sometimes, your body decides to do it for you. I am feeling under the weather. I’ll slow down today, I suppose (as if I have a choice).

Have a great weekend.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Get well soon Eric ☺️

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