Closed Door

© 2014 Eric Christopher Jackson

All Rights Reserved. Artwork may not be
reproduced or used in any manner without
the express written permission of the artist.

At first, I was flattered. Then, I was upset to find my artwork on websites that never notified me that they were going to use my artwork. Yes, they gave me credit for the work, but no, they did not ask for permission to post it on their sites.

I have so many images, I really do not feel like watermarking them all. Plus, it’s distracting. But I can’t Google my name ever now and again to see where my work shows up. I don’t know. I was bored late one night last week, couldn’t sleep. I Googled my name and looked through the results until around page 50. Yeah. I was surprised to find my architecture photography on various sites.

I’m doing a refresher on how to protect my work better, but I’d rather everyone respect each other’s work. Super happy it’s being noticed more on my blog. More than anything, I just need to know about what’s catching people’s attention.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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