Abstract Glass

© 2014 Eric Christopher Jackson

I like accessories around the home. I’m sure there’s a better word for it. For example, scented candles: wild berry, strawberry, etc. It makes home smell better. I like those man-made water fountains with the light that illuminates from underneath running water. They’re small, sit on your coffee table, end table, and such. The sound of the water is nice, too.

Also, I like glass bowls and vases that you can fill up with stones or sand or shiny pebbles. Well, I went to the art store and bought an inexpensive glass vase and shiny black and white pebbles. (oohhh…shiny) lol. Anyway, I took a random photo of them one day and the image came out so cool. Then, I warped it a bit to make it more interesting (artistic). Nice, even though it’s tough to figure out what I’m looking at, that simply adds to the beauty of it.

In other news, I FINALLY got my official domain name verified by Google Webmaster. I was stuck for months. It gives me a much better chance of showing up in search results on the sidebar. Unfortunately, Google cannot pick up SEO or content information very well while I’m hosted by WIX. The SEO/content for WordPress is located just fine. However, purchasing an e-commerce feature on WP is outside of my budget. So, I’ve narrowed down the alternatives of web hosts.

It needs to have an e-commerce feature for my artwork and I have to have my WordPress blog connected to it, so the blog can be seen on the official website. I also want to be able to create a mailing list similar to Following a blog by email on WP. I’m thinking out loud at this point. I’d better get some sleep.

Happy Tuesday. Blessings.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. I like that abstract glass photo. Nice colours.

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