Out My Window

© 2009 Eric Christopher Jackson

It feels like I took this trip a lot longer than six years ago. New Year’s 2009, I went to Chicago. Found an inexpensive hotel and experienced my first sub-zero wind chill temperatures. Grew up in South Florida…never snows. So, I decided to go to where the snow was. Hmm, I’ve told this story before.

Anyhow, this was my hotel window view. I made sure it was close to Downtown, where I wanted to explore, visit places, and not get too lost in the process. This is before the majority of my digital photography classes. Even then, I loved b/w photos.

I have a news update. I’ve been getting more interest during the passed week for a combination of my photography and writing. Also, I found more places looking for fiction, mostly short fiction and poetry. Since I rarely have the patience to write long stories (novels) I want to jump at these opportunities.

The only challenge has been coming up with new ideas for fiction, poetry, and photography series.

I am still up at this hour because I’m working on the e-commerce website. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I need the e-commerce option on my official website. I finally recalled that SmugMug isn’t only good for exhibiting photography, but I can create full pages of text as well. There’s a learning curve in figuring out how the User Interface works. After that, it’s pretty simple to work with. I will say, bring your patience with you, though. I like messing around with new software anyway, so it doesn’t bother me as much.

The price is a bit more than I want to spend per month, so I trying to move resources around to make sure I can keep it rolling. Otherwise, it’s perfect. From lustre photo paper to canvas to mats & frames, it’s all there at every size. BayPhoto Lab fulfills all the orders, including international ones for me. Life will be easier this way.

I needed to make sure the layout for all of my writing would look right on SmugMug. So, I spent the bulk of yesterday transferring all the creative writing content from the old site to the new one. Oh my gosh. But it’s done. I just didn’t know I had so much on the old site. I was able to create a layout similar to what I had on WIX, which I liked.

Now, I’m working on the photography, choosing fonts for titles and content, trying to figure out where to my logo on the homepage with it looking totally awkward, etc. aka I’m going to be stuck in the Batcave again today, but when I emerge…I will be victorious. 🙂

I haven’t figured out how to put this blog on there yet. I was reading the tutorial the night before, but can’t remember what it said now lol. After that, I have to register the new site with Google, Bing, and 1and1 so my domain name goes to the right place and my statistics read the right website.

I want to share what I have thus far with the website. Incorporated the layout from the WIX site in quite a few places. Still, this one is better because the layout of the entire website automatically adjusts to the screen, even when I decrease the size of the window on my laptop. It’s glorious! If you have an iPad, smart phone…it should adjust correctly on its own. (yay) ericchristopher.smugmug.com

I’d better get some shut-eye. The amount of natural light coming through my window can only mean this side of the Earth is turning towards the sun again. Isn’t that weird? You wanna hear something spooky before I crash on my trusty pillow? I’ve told this story before, I know. Well, I’ll tell you anyway! 🙂

The Earth is moving at ultra high speeds…rotating 1,000mph (1,675km per hour) and revolving around the sun 67,108mph (108,000km/h).

The Milky Way Galaxy is also rotating as I type at a mere 168 miles per second, which translates to 600,000mph (970,000km/h). Our entire galaxy is also traveling through the universe! 515,000mph (818,000km/h).

Video game numbers. That’s not the spooky part. The spooky part is: I usually don’t give it a second thought because I don’t feel this movement at all! I’m not worried about the Earth or the Milky Way Galaxy smacking into some object in outer space! When I wake up from my nap I’ll think: Hmm, pancakes and turkey bacon sound good right about now.

Weird. Creepy. Amazing. Fascinating.

And my grade school teachers will probably still be annoyed with me because even before my basic concept of God was developed I’d listen to their lectures and say, “you’re telling me how the universe works so well to the best of your knowledge, but you’re not telling me why it work so well.” I need to know why.

Eventually, after a bunch of other personal experiences, I gave in to: Thank You, God! You are awesome.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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