I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made. Not finished, but happy. There are bumps in the road, which I’ll try to fix throughout the week. As far as uploading all my work, the creative writing and video pages are done. One huge photo series and the photo categories are left to complete. I still need to find out which plug-in will integrate WordPress and SmugMug.

The good thing is, I only have to go through this setup process once. It’s taken me longer to finish uploading my photography because after a while, it seems like their server just quits. At that point, I’m not able to upload anything for a while. Currently, I have about 3GBs stored. Not bad. I thought it would be much higher.

I’m doing pretty well with filling out titles, descriptions, and keywords as I go. I’ve found some useful shortcuts in the system, but overall, it’s just being patient enough to input information to every page, every folder, every image. (I never want to do this again). So, I’m staying on myself to do this right the first time.

My only serious complaint is SmugMug’s limited number of templates. And with what they do have, they’re kind of alternates from a few foundation designs, but they basically look the same. I don’t know enough about HTML to make any major changes to the template. I have learned enough to put most elements…near enough to where I want them, if not precisely.

Besides that, I can’t complain. The e-commerce works like a charm. Yet, there’s so many options, I wonder if customers will understand how to navigate the Interface. It seems to work for other photographers, though.

Oops, my laundry is calling me. Yes, laundry. I remember growing up, my mom gave me the lecture of…Eric, what if you’re single, you have to know how to live… Back then, I was thinking, “Mom, this not important.” These days, HA, thank you, Mom.

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Haha my laundry is in too, I have a very slow washer, dryer that takes forever each wash.

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